RMHA Pedigree Database

Out of courtesy to the volunteers who have worked to prepare the new RMHA Pedigree database, please review this entire statement before proceeding to the database. Thank you to all those volunteers and to you for helping the RMHA to update its records of the breed. 

This link is being provided for database review by owners and others. Our goal is to create accurate pedigree charts. Information recorded in this database reflects the information provided on the original documents and applications completed by owners and Breeders of the Rocky Mountain breed over the years.

With only a few exceptions (involving very early and well known ancestors), only the names of registered Rocky Mountain Horses are included. Because no duplication of names can be included, some names have had owner’s/breeder’s names added in these files to designate them as different horses with similar names.  

Differences may be noted between the information displayed in this database and information printed on registration papers issued from the previous database. Concerns about the accuracy of information about any specific record in this database should be directed to this email address: admin@techworks.net

The RMHA makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that this data is free of errors, accurate or complete and assumes no liability for any loss or damage of any kind as a result of the use of the information from this database.

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Additional notes about the database

Development of this database was undertaken to improve documentation of the data collected from owners and breeders of registered Rocky Mountain Horses and to improve the management processes of the RMHA. When complete, this database will provide an expanded, relational, web-based system as a reference for Rocky Mountain horse owners and will serve as a resource for continued statistical analysis and management of this heritage breed.

To summarize, the following criteria were used to modify the data:

* Original documents provided by the owner or breeder and on file with the RMHA were reviewed in cases where any discrepancies were noted in data recorded in the previous RMHA database. This includes information for a horse indicating a different sire and/or dam on different records in the past. Accuracy of all information for horses registered after 2001 is supported by DNA results included in each horse’s original file. Accuracy of information for earlier registered horses is consistent with documents completed by the owner/breeder/agent at the time of registration/certification/transfer. Corrections were made in the new database when a records check confirmed the database information was in error.

  • No two registered horses can have the same name, but before records were computerized this had happened. To distinguish two horses with the same name, the name of the owner/breeder was appended to one of the horses.
  • Original documents were reviewed for all horses with duplicate names to verify separate identities and to identify a name to append through review of original documents.
  • In most cases, no entry exists in this database for an unknown or unregistered ancestor.