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The Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund (KHBIF) is financed by sales tax, paid to the State of Kentucky on stud fees of stallions standing in Kentucky. The money is held by the State of Kentucky and is paid out directly to the owners of Kentucky Born and Bred horses participating in state approved programs. A portion of the fund is allotted to approved non-racing breeds. The Rocky Mountain Horse is a state approved breed. The Kentucky Race Horse Authority (KRHA) manages this program for the State of Kentucky. 

Programs are set up by a representative affiliate for each non-racing state approved breed.
The representative affiliate for the Rocky Mountain Horse breed is the Rocky Mountain Horse Kentucky Breeders Association, Inc (RMHKBA)All aspects of the RMHA KHBIF program are administered by the board of the RMHKBA. Any questions about the program should be directed to the address on the application forms for this program. Information from the RMHKBA is provided on this RMHA website for the convenience of all RMHA members and as a service to the RMHKBA. Horses must be nominated for participation each year by established deadlines and must abide by all rules of the program, as set up by the RMHKBA.

The RMHKBA provides information to the KRHA at the end of each competition year. The KRHA then calculates the amount of each horse's award based on the total amount alloted to the Rocky Mountain Horse breed from the tax paid on stud fees for the previous year. The KRHA then issues vouchers to the RMHKBA for the amounts allotted to each horse. The RMHKBA forwards the vouchers to each of the nominated horse owners. The owners must then sign the voucher acknowledging that their horse is Kentucky Born and Bred and eligible to receive funds from the state of Kentucky under the laws governing this program. When the State of Kentucky receives the vouchers from the owners, a check is written from the State of Kentucky for the full amount allotted to that horse in that year. 

The definition of a Kentucky Born and Bred horse is established by the Kentucky Race Horse Authority for the purposes of this program. To be considered Ky Born and Bred, a horse must have been born in the Commonwealth of Kentucky from a mare who had been bred to a stallion while the stallion was standing for breeding in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All Kentucky Born and Bred horses are eligible to compete for RMHA KHBIF rewards regardless of where they or their owners reside at the time of competition. 

Coming soon! 2017 RMHA KHBIF Program Information
Forms to Nominate horses (participating or sires and dams) for 2017 are on the Forms and Applications page.

The RMHA affiliate for the Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund, the RMHKBA, received nominations from the owners of 47 Rockies to participate in the incentive program for 2015.  These 47 horses competed in the show program and/or the competitive trail program as required by the RMHKBA.  Any breeder who owned either the sire or dam of these 47 participating horses was entitled to nominate that sire or dam and receive 10% of the sum earned by the competing horse.  

For a list of the 2015 KHBIF Award winning horses click here

2015 Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund (KHBIF) Information as provided by the RMHKBA

The money awarded for 2015 was divided based on participation in Sanctoned Show Programs and the Competitive Trail (ACTHA) Program (see below).  This was determined by the point placement in those two divisions at the end of the year and the rules as established by ACTHA competition and the governing RMHA Sanctioned Show Program.

Requirements for participation in either program (Show or ACTHA in 2015):
Current RMHA membership (in the year the horse was nominated)

  • Current Riders Card (in the year the horse was nominated) 
  • Completion of Horse Nomination Form and payment of fee (see the form)
  • Only RMHA members (current in the year the horse was nominated) will be awarded money, either as an owner of the horse or owner of the sire or dam.
  • Rocky Mountain Horses must be three years old; registered and certified before competing.
  • Only Kentucky Born and Bred horses qualify for Incentive Fund awards.
  • RMHA competition year is January 1st thru October 31st of the same year.
  • Only shows that qualify (RMHA "A" shows and Qualifying "B" shows) are eligible to receive funds from KHBIF Incentive Fund.  Please see the following list of qulaified KHBIF classes.
  • In order for a "B" Show to qualify for KHBIF funds and points participation, it must contain a minimum of SIX (6) eligible classes, from the list below.
  • Nominated horses (nominated by deadline of July 31st) must participate in at least THREE (3) eligible shows in the current year, to qualify for incentive funds.   At least one show must be an "A" show.
  • Sire and dam must be nominated to share in the incentives of their offspring.  The sire and dam nomination deadline is October 31 of the participating year.

Incentive Fund was distributed to nominated, participating horses, only if they were nominated by the 2015 deadlines.

 2015 Kentucky Horse Breeder Incentive Fund

Qualifying Show Classes

 3&4 year old Conformation
5 Year-old Conformation

 Country Trail Pleasure Mares
Country Trail Pleasure Geldings
Country Trail Pleasure Stallions
Country Trail Pleasure Youth (11& under)
Country Trail Pleasure Youth (12-17)
(Country Trail Pleasure Mares and Country Trail Pleasure Geldings may be combined to make one class)

 Trail Pleasure Mares
Trail Pleasure Geldings
Trail Pleasure Stallions
Trail Pleasure Youth (11& under)
Trail Pleasure Youth (12-17)
(Trail Pleasure Mares and Trail Pleasure Geldings may be combined to make one class)

 Show Pleasure Mares
Show Pleasure Geldings
Show Pleasure Stallions
Show Pleasure Youth (11& under)
Show Pleasure Youth (12-17)
(Show Pleasure Mares and Show Pleasure Geldings may be combined to make one class)

 Western Pleasure
Western Pleasure Youth (11& under)
Western Pleasure Youth (12-17)

 Amateur Country Trail Pleasure
Amateur Trail Pleasure
Amateur Show Pleasure

 Amateur Owned & Trained Country Trail Pleasure
Amateur Owned & Trained Trail Pleasure
Amateur Owned & Trained Show Pleasure


 American Competitive Trail Horse Association

Program Overview

ACTHA offered two types of riding obstacle competitions:
AOC - Stadium type obstacle competition consisting of 8 obstacles in an enclosed area.  Your 6 highest scores out of 8 are tabulated.
CTC - Trail riding 6 miles with 6 natural obstacles.  These 6 obstacle scores are tabulated for qualification.

The RMHA does not manage, write or have feedback into the ACTHA program.  The ACTHA program is simply the vehicle to reward RMHA members for their achievements in competitive trail obstacle competitions.


Forms are available to download from the RMHA website.  Forms must be sent in at the beginning of the competition year.  This serves to notify the RMHA of your intent to participate/compete.  Download the following forms:

  • KHBIF Nomination Form
  • Rider Card Application Form
  • Members are responsible for submitting completed forms.
  • Three ACTHA rides are required to qualify for incentive funds.  Members may ride as many competitions as they wish, sending in their top three ride scores by October 31st deadline.
  • Upon completion of 3 rides a screen shot or photo copies of their ACTHA scores as listed on ACTHA website are sent to: Wendy Montgomery. Questions or comments may also be sent here.


Certificate of Achievement in the ACTHA program was given to each qualifying KHBIF horse in the following categories:

Gold     155 – 180 points
ilver    130-154 points
Bronze  90-129 points


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