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May 2015 Edition of The Rocky Beat

Click Here for the May  2015 Edition of The Rocky Beat!

2015 RMHA Board of Directors Candidate Statements

Dear Members:

The candidates listed below have been approved by the Board to be included in the 2015 Board of Director's ballots due out May 1st.  Please read about your candidates running for Hearing Panel Member, Director of Examiners and Member At Large positions:

2015 RMHA Candidate Statements


Candidates for Hearing Panel Member


Kelvin Robbins – Candidate for Hearing Panel Member
I am a candidate for Hearing Panel Member.  I currently hold this position on the RMHA Board of Directors.  Dolly Pierson and I have been involved with Rockies since 2007 and RMHA members as well.  My professional background includes: USMC, Management Consultant (8.5 years), Healthcare Operations (21 years-Director Management Engineering/Continuous Improvement, Quality, Project Management, Process Engineer), and Retail Department Management (5 years).  I have served as Board President for a $6 million Credit Union and Director on Board for a Working Group Association.   My personal life includes: Dolly, 2 daughters and 2 grand children.  My hobbies are horses, dogs and motorcycles.  I am a breeder, trainer and exhibitor. 

I have bred Giant Schnauzers for 30 years under the Keystone name, producing many family companions, show dogs in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, and Schutzhund.  I have been a member of Giant Schnauzer Club of America, served on various show committees and am a recommended Breeder in Good Standing.  I am also a recommended Breeder in the referral program through the American Kennel Club. 

Horses became of interest in 2007 when we purchased our first three fillies, had our first two foals in 2009, participated in our first show in 2010.  We have promoted Rockies at every opportunity we can (local shows/events, trail rides, parks and forest preserves, World and International shows, Illinois Horse Fair, Midwest Horse Fair, and compete in ACTHA).  I have served on the RMHA ISC in 2014.  We need to start running the association like a business-both in actions and finances.  If we follow our Mission and Vision, we can’t go wrong.  Personal agendas will not prevail.  We will not run out of money trying to do the things we need to do – for the MEMBERS.  I have volunteered to help with a committee to determine what the membership wants and needs.  I still have not heard if I am on that committee or not.  I understand past politics, but now we need to start doing the RIGHT THINGS, the RIGHT WAY. 

 “Horse for all occasions” means just that to me.  The Rocky can do all things, given the conditioning, training and resources.  We need to determine what those things are and develop programs to support the members in their efforts.  Understanding what buyers and members want is what helped me with the dogs.  I plan to bring this same enthusiasm and business thinking to RMHA if elected.



Candidate for Director of Examiners

 Jeff McCarty – Candidate for Director of Examiners
I grew up on a small farm 35 miles east of Cincinnati in the 50’s and 60’s.  From my earliest memories, there were always ponies and horses around to ride.  My grandfather would travel all over Brown and Clermont County in Ohio buying and trading horses.  Sometimes he would even go as far as Maysville, Kentucky looking for horses and it is possible that on a few occasions he could have brought home a Rocky.  Every weekend in the summer, my father would take both of his boys to every pony show around.  My brother would show in the harness classes and I would show in Western Pleasure classes.  We didn’t realize at the time how wonderful those early years were spending quality time with our parents.

 In 1990 I met my beautiful wife (Glenna) and we were married in August 1991.  Each of us brought two children into the marriage and at this time I have six grandchildren.  I was given the privilege to serve my country for 26 years in the U.S. Military.  In 1994, I went through Law Enforcement training in the evenings and when I retired from the military in 1997, I became a police officer in the community where we lived.

 As we approached our retirement years, we discussed what we would do and where we would live.  Since both of us loved horses, we decided we might become horse people.  A friend of ours owned Rockies and after one visit with her Rockies we knew we would become horse people.  We purchased our first Rocky in 2006, bought 12 acres adjoining Big South Fork in Strunk, Kentucky and started riding the trails, raising, training and showing our wonderful Rockies.  I have completed Richie Wingfields’s horsemanship certification training and I am a RMHA examiner.  I have been the chairperson and served on the Show Advisory Committee of the RMHA.  I currently serve as Member At Large on the board and have held that position for the last 5 years.



 Candidates for Member At Large

 Anja Brands – Candidate for Member at Large
My name is Anja Brands and I am running for Member At Large.  I was born in Belgium and moved to the Czech Republic to follow my dream of raising and breeding Rocky Mountain Horses.My goal is to get the breed known in Europe, attend some expos to show people what an extraordinary breed they are.  My main goal for sitting on the RMHA Board of Directors is to  open door between Europe and USA.


Angie Emmert – Candidate for Member at Large
I grew up in a small, farming community in eastern Iowa.  I was a “town kid” who has loved horses my whole life.  I got my first horse when I was a teen, and after a long absence, got back into horses nine years ago.  I live in the south Dayton area in Ohio with my husband, I have two daughters, ages 18 and 20. 

 I was co-founder and organizer of Saddle Up For The Cure, an annual event in SW Ohio that raised money for breast cancer research and to help local women with mammograms and other needs, as they go through treatments.  In the six years we held the event, we raised over $10,000.00.  I am currently serving as secretary for the Tri-State Rocky Mountain Horse Club. I have participated in several ACTHA AOC events and just recently, judged an ACTHA AOC for the first time.

 I have spent the past several months, working on and bringing up to date, the current Trail Mileage program for the RMHA.  Work on this program has been a slow process, but I’m confident that once the changes are in place and understood by the membership that uses it, it will be easier to use, and better organized. 

 Board members should be responsible to the membership not only financially, but to keep the RMHA in good order.  I hear so much that we need to do “what’s good for the horse”.  What’s good for the horse is a healthy organization that is in good standing with it’s members.  Any organization or event, is only as good as it’s leadership.  To be good stewards for the horse, we need to have a healthy association.

 ALL aspects of any organization are important. The shows, the youth events, etc., but my love is for trail riding.  We have a great horse for the trails, they make a day on the trails easy and fun, not to mention easy on your back!  I really want to represent the trail riders out there who have earned and deserve, acknowledgement.   I am drawn to these horses not just because of their beauty and gait, but because of their story/history.  They really are an American original, and we should be very proud of that. 



 Kathy House – Candidate for Member At Large
My name is Kathy House and I am running for the position of Member at Large.  I have served in this position for two previous terms, am a past President of the Tri-State Rocky Mountain Club and I am Chair of the Membership Committee.  

  I have met a great many of you and that is one of the things I like best about my role in this position.  I like hearing the opinion of our members and meeting members who have been in the association longer than I have to learn about horses I have heard about and never actually seen.

 My focus is the horse and the membership - without these two things we have no association.  My goals are to find ways to build our membership and ways to promote our beautiful Rockies. We need to work on a plan to make members feel involved.  I want the membership to know I am available anytime. You can email me or contact me on Facebook.  Tell me your ideas for building the membership.

 Trail riders and their Rockies are our largest free promotional aid for the horse. We need to get trail riders to register their horses and join the association to help promote the trail program. 

 Our horse is the most amazing horse out there.  Everyone wants to get one after they ride it.  I’m proud to say we have 5 on our little farm and I love them all.  I had a very wise friend named Jerry Martin who taught me the characteristics I needed to look for when I decided to breed, and those things are in the description of the horse in our rules.  I don’t want to see any of that changed and I will not ever vote for something that is going to change the horse.

 I would truly appreciate your support in the election.  As many of you know I do not work because of health issues, so I am always around if you have any questions or concerns that I can take to a meeting.  I love working for the horse and the membership.  Thank you all so much for letting me be a voice for you. I am just one vote and voice, but I will always vote for issues that I feel are in the favor or the membership and the horse. Kathy House.

 765-647-6301 – home   513-624-3124 - Cell



Larry LeBlanc – Candidate for Member At Large
My name is Larry LeBlanc and I am running for Member at Large of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. 

 I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana.  My family was involved in raising Quarter Horses.   In 1992, I relocated to Kentucky to work on a Thoroughbred farm.   I currently reside in Ewing, Kentucky with my wife, Noemi.    We have been involved in the breeding and raising of Rocky Mountain Horses since 2008. 

 From the first time I saw the Rocky Mountain Horse, I was intrigued with the breed.  We were won over with their warm easy going temperament, their willingness to please, their stamina and  their sure-footedness on the trail.  We now have 24 Rockies in every color and from  every foundation line at our farm in Ewing, Kentucky. 

 The RMHA has been a breed association for 25 years and there are still people involved in the equine industry in America who have never heard of the Rocky Mountain Horse.  I believe that it is time to change that.  We need to do a better job of promoting the horse. 

 I believe that Financial Accountability is the foremost issue facing the board of the RMHA.  I believe that it is time to run the RMHA as the global business that it has become.    I have the business background that I believe is needed to make financial decisions that are in the best interest of the RMHA.  I believe that the new people that are in place on the board are moving the association in the right direction.  The opportunity to have more members with business experience will continue to move the RMHA forward. 

 Another issue that brings criticism to the RMHA is performing as a Customer- Friendly association.  We need to listen to the members and keep them better informed.  I have been involved in the RMHA behind the scene for years.  I felt it was time to step up and serve the membership through the position of Member At Large. 

 I look forward to serving you, the membership of the RMHA.   Please email me at kajun67@gmail.com with your comments and questions. Thank you, Larry LeBlanc.



 Cheryl Nyland – Candidate for Member At Large -

My experience with the Rocky Mountain Horse includes:

·         RMHA member for over 15 years

·         RMHA Board member-at-large for 1.5 years

·         RMHA senior examiner

·         RMHA comittees (several)

·         RMHA apprentice judge (not active currently)

·         Active in the Michigan RMHC, serving as president or member-at-large for over 13 years.

·         Served as show manager for five RMHA sanctioned-B shows in Michigan.  I have attended/volunteered at several RMHA International Shows.  

·         I own two Rocky Mountain Horse geldings.   I was first attracted to Rockies after first seeing a choc/flax beauty at a local horse show.   After that, the color became of much less importance - it is the Rocky intelligence, versatility, comfortable gait, and human-friendly Rocky personality that has kept me as an adoring fan.

 My goals as member-at-large:

·         To help support continued improvement and expansion of programs for the membership.  I would like to see more support for the regional clubs. 

 ·         To help protect the Rocky Mountain Horse and the qualities that make it the “perfect horse”.   This protection should include:

 o    Continued education for the membership on the RMH breed standard, registry and showing.

 o    Good show standards and good show judging.

 o    Obtaining and providing the best genetics information available so both the RMHA board and membership can use the information wisely.

o    Resolving any issues regarding the breed and show standards for RMH gait.

 ·         To help the RMHA administration and projects to the best of my abilities and available time.

 Personal background:

 ·         I have worked for 35 years in the computer industry.  I am currently employed as a computer systems analyst for a major foods/merchandise retail corporation.

 ·         I enjoy my grandsons the most, reading on many topics, swimming, natural wonders great and small.  I respect and revere animals of all sorts; but I have a special love of dogs and horses – those animals that have been in service to and companions of humankind for thousands of years.

 My email address is:  sisu711@gmail.com.   I welcome questions or other positive contact.  Thank you for your time and attention!    Cheryl  Nyland



  Stuart Wickham – Candidate for Member At Large
My name is Stewart Wickham and I am seeking the Office of Member At Large and request your support. I have been involved with horses since the age of seven and have experienced a variety of breeds.  Five years ago I was introduced to the “Best Kept Secret in the Equestrian World,” the Rocky Mountain Horse. I fell in love with the Rocky breed immediately and soon purchased one of my own. As a Member At Large, I will support and promote the original Rocky breed that continues to impress me.

 I co-founded the Regional Old Dominion Rocky Mountain Horse Club and I served as its first Vice-President. The Regional Old Dominion Rocky Mountain Horse Club changed its name to the Mid-Atlantic Rocky Mountain Horse Club and currently, I am serving as President. 

 As your Member At Large, I would continue to support and promote the Rocky Breed through the certification process.  I will reach out to former members and encourage them to renew their membership with RMHA, as well as, assisting the local clubs to increase their membership.

 My qualifications include: 
ast President, Virginia Arabian Horse Association;

 ·          Past President, Mechanicsville Riding Club;

 ·          Past Vice-President, Old Dominion Rocky Mountain Horse Club;

 ·          President, Mid-Atlantic Rocky Mountain Horse Club;

 ·          Currently serving as a member on the Membership Committee; and

 ·          Certification Examiner of Rocky Mountain Horses.


Thank you for your support in my serving as a Member At Large.  Stewart  Wickham





New RMHA Registry Rules Effective January 1, 2015

The following Rules of the RMHA Registry have been changed.  Below is a list of the Rules of Registry that have been changed. Rules of Registry changes effective January 1, 2015 

1.  Section 4.12 revised:  Name choices may not include punctuation, may not include suffixes such as Jr., Sr. or III, and may not exceed 30 characters including spaces.

2. Delete Section 4.6c: If the Registration Certificate was not provided a new owner at the time of sale, or if a new owner purchases a horse at auction, the new owner may request a duplicate Certificate of Registration. Send the request along with a Request for DNA Proof of Parentage, four current photos of the horse (front, back, right and left sides), and the fee.

3. Add to Section 1.1, Registration and Section 2.0, General Rules for Certification the following:  NOTE: Digital pictures submitted to the office by e-mail will not take the place of hard copies that are required to be submitted with the applications.


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