Rocky Mountain Horse Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Horse Foundation, Incorporated (RMHF) was formed as a 501c3 non profit corporation, at the direction of the RMHA Board, in June of 2017. The Foundation is affiliated with the RMHA, but has its own Board and functions separately from the RMHA. The Foundation supports research and education, which will provide valuable information to owners and others about the Rocky Mountain Horse breed.

The Foundation is interested in funding:

      • Research into health issues and herd management of our heritage breed
      • Development of educational materials for owners and breeders of Rocky Mountain Horses
      • Scholarships for equine related education to encourage future leaders of the breed
      • Development of educational programs to educate the public about the Rocky Mountain Horse
      • Establishment of a library of information accessible to all interested individuals

The initial Rocky Mountain Horse Foundation, Incorporated Board was appointed by the RMHA Board and includes:

      • Steve Autry
      • Michael Brummer
      • Larry LeBlanc
      • David McGuire
      • Julia Tucker

Please contact any member of this Board, if you have questions about donating to the RMHF.

Rocky Mountain Horse Foal