Virginia Bred Program

Protocol for Virginia Bred Program

To be eligible to participate in the Virginia Bred Program, the horse must be born in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

All horses must be registered with the RMHA to participate in the VBP. Award funds will be equally split between the Show and Trail Program. Award funds will be mailed to the participants at the end of the program year.

Horses competing in the show portion of the program must participate in three Sanctioned RMH shows. Points will be computed by the RMHA Show program. RMHA Show Rules will apply.

Horses participating in the trail portion of the program must also participate in the RMHA Trail Mileage Program. Trail miles will be computed by this program.

Only current RMHA members can participate in the Virginia Bred Program.

Horses are nominated to participate in the VBP by filling out the VBP Horse Nomination Form and sending in the processing fee ($5).

The Application is on this site at Forms and Applications.