Membership Benefits

Are you considering becoming an RMHA member? Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to tell you a little about us and what you can receive as a member. We hope you will JOIN RMHA today.

Rocky Mountain Horse Association members depend on the RMHA to maintain the Rocky Mountain Horse breed registry, which was established in 1986. Membership fees support the management of the Registry’s records and the maintenance of our own DNA Database, where all Rocky Mountain Horses have DNA results on file. The RMHA is dedicated to the health and preservation of this heritage breed, recognized by the Livestock Conservancy. Our DNA database provides invaluable information about our breed’s diversity and health.

Competitive or Pleasure Programs

The RMHA Sanctioned Show Program began in 1989. The Competitive Trail Program, and the Versatility Program have been added in the past few years. These RMHA competitive programs recognize the achievements and versatility of the Rocky Mountain Horse and offer High Point Awards to participating members The RMHA sponsors a Trail Mileage Program for its members and breed awards in several affiliated organizations for members who choose to participate in Competitive Trail, Endurance, Gaited Dressage and other events. The RMHA is eager to find other affiliate programs to spotlight the talents of the horse and the interests of its members in all types of equestrian venues.

Affiliate Benefits and Discounts

The RMHA is an affiliate member of the American Horse Council (AHC). AHC membership helps to keep the RMHA staff and Board aware of issues facing all horse owners. In addition, membership makes available special discounts on many products of use to horse owners everywhere.

Information About the Breed, the Organization, and Its Members

The RMHA office staff is happy to provide information about the breed to members and others interested in the Rocky Mountain Horse. You can reach us from 8 to 5 Eastern Time at 859-644-5244. Our website offers access to our Pedigree Database. Also, we have a directory for Breeders, Trainers, Owners, and others to share their contact information in a central place for easy access to anyone interested in Rocky Mountain Horses.

Product Discounts

Through the American Horse Council AHC AdvantagePlan Program discounts are available on:

  • John Deere
  • Nationwide
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Office Depot/Office Max
  • RedBrand
  • Suncast Commercial

Discounts have also been negotiated from:

  • Riding Warehouse
  • Cavallo
  • Secret Hideaways
  • Trail Guard

Access to ‘Members Only’ Sections of the Website

  • Member Directory – can help you locate other members near you
  • Horse Directory – can help you locate horses or owners of horses you are interested in
  • Board Meeting Minutes – allow members to be aware of new programs and rule changes
  • Board Meeting Recordings – allow members to hear the discussion of topics of interest to them
  • Networking with members in Regional Clubs in the US and internationally

Awards in RMHA Programs for Enjoying “One Horse For All Occasions”

  • Sanctioned Breed Show Program
  • Annual International Grand Championship Horse Show
  • Trail Mileage (pleasure riding) Program
  • Competitive Trail Obstacle Program (in cooperation with Equine Trail Sports and the Extreme Cowboy Association)
  • Versatility Horse and Rider Program
  • Youth Program
  • RMHA KY Horse Breeder’s Incentive Fund Program

Subscription to Publications of the RMHA

  • Official Rocky Mountain Horse Magazine published two times a year and delivered to your door
  • The Rocky Beat arriving in your email inbox every month with news and special interest stories

Discounted Advertising Rates in all RMHA Publications and on the RMHA Website

Virginia Bred Program

Information about participating in the Virginia Bred Program with your Rocky in the RMHA Show and Trail Mileage Program. 

Kentucky Horse Breeder’s Incentive Fund Program

Information about participating in the Kentucky Horse Breeder’s Incentive Fund Program with your Rocky in the RMHA Sanctioned Show program and in the Competitive Trail Program (in cooperation with Equine Trail Sports and Extreme Cowboy Association).

Information About Clinics, Shows, Expos, and Other Events of Interest to Rocky Owners

Members from around the world are invited to share info about upcoming events through our publications, website and Facebook page. We hope you decide to join us as we move the Rocky Mountain Horse into the future while preserving its past!