Tobe was the foundation stallion to which most modern-day horses registered by the Rocky Mountain Horse Association can trace their lineage.

Tobe was owned by Sam Tuttle, the most prominent breeder of Rocky Mountain Horses for the first three quarters of the twentieth century in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky. Tobe was bred to the local Appalachian saddle mares in a relatively small geographical area and the basic characteristics of a strong genetic line continued. This prized line of horses increased in numbers as years went by, and these are the horses known today as Rocky Mountain Horses.

Tobe was always in demand for stud service. People brought their mares to Tobe from several different states for breeding because he passed on his perfect four-beat gait, disposition, and other great qualities to his offspring. More history of this great Stallion will be found in the history section of this website.