When considering the purchase of a Rocky Mountain Horse, you can be sure that the horse has already been registered by requesting to see the registration paper issued by the RMHA.

If you breed Rocky Mountain Horses and a foal is born, the first step for registration is to retrieve the yellow copy of the breeding certificate that is issued by the sire’s owner when the mare is bred. Then take four photos clearly showing the horse’s left, right, front and back sides. Next you need a DNA sample. This is done by pulling a minimum of 35 to 50 hairs from the tail making sure that the root is attached (this is where the DNA is). These hairs should be sealed in a white envelope that has been clearly identified with the sire and dam names & registration numbers, foal’s sex and date of birth, your name and contact information.

The next step is to complete the Application for Registry Form available on the Forms page, found under the Association tab of this website, along with the Fee Schedule.