The May 11th clinic attendees plus Jan Culp and Marianne Jolley

First RMHA Examiner Clinics Held Outside the United States

The first RMHA Examiner clinics conducted outside the United States were held in The Netherlands May 2012.  To accommodate the number of attendees, two clinics were held, May 11th and May 18th.  Petra van den Berg spent many hours planning and preparing for the clinics she hosted at her Flat Hill Rockies farm just outside of Heesch, Netherlands.  Nineteen Rocky enthusiasts from seven countries attended.  Attendees names and home country are shown below followed by pictures from the clinics.

Marianne Jolley, an RMHA Director of Examiners, and Jan Culp, an experienced Rocky trainer and owner, represented the RMHA in the Netherlands.  Marianne instructed both clinics and Jan Culp conducted ten training sessions over a ten day period for attendees interested in receiving coaching on how to ride a Rocky with emphasis on learning the Rocky’s four beat lateral gait and training techniques to keep their Rockys in gait.

Attendees were complimentary about having the opportunity to attend an examiner’s clinic in Europe.  All appreciated the RMHA’s commitment to funding the clinics and to the RMHA team who made the trip.

Attendees at two Examiner Clinics held in The Netherlands, May 11th and May 18th

Lorianne Anken, Switzerland
Edgar Beck, Germany
Nienke Coppens, Austria
Temba Burrill, Netherlands
Pascale De Biasio, Switzerland
Peggy Dewelde, Belgium
Philip Esteve, Switzerland
Diana Kess, Germany
Taschina Frankfurt, Denmark
Regina Manninger, Germany
Leonie Prins, Netherlands
Hanneke Stolk, Netherlands
Toril Strooper, Germany
Sylvia van de Gryp, France
Petra van den Berg, Holland
Sandra van den Hof, Belgium
Aline van der Linden, Netherlands
Mireille van Meer, Germany
Martika Wensink, Netherlands